It’s that time of year again, when the weather starts to cool down and tree leaves turn an emerald green, oranges and reds. Autumn is a beautiful time of year, but it’s also a time when many people are forced to deal with the reality of weathered chestnuts. For many homeowners, weathered chestnuts (Castanea sativa) can be a major annoyance. They can cause unsightly messes in yards, damage plants and sidewalks, and create a smell that can be unbearable. While chestnut Removal may not sound like the most exciting or profitable business opportunity out there, it’s actually one that is growing rapidly. So what is attracting these professionals to this field? And how can you start your own weathered chestnut removal business? In this episode of Industry Insights, we explore these questions and more. Tune in to learn more about the professional gardeners guild and how you can get started in this growing industry.

The first ever episode of The Garden Log podcast. Featuring the buttery tones of early autumn and the buttery tones of Ben Dark.

Welcome to The Garden Log podcast, your weekly source for all things gardening. This week on the show we welcomed our new host, Ben Dark, and got down to business with introductions, weathered chestnuts and the Professional Gardening Guild. After that it was off to the show's first ever topic: autumn gardening! We discussed everything from planting schedules to harvesting tips, and even featured a special guest appearance by one of our favorite gardeners - Tom McMillan! Check out this episode and see just what makes The Garden Log so special - you won't be disappointed. Thanks for listening!

Introducing Witherless Chestnuts

Witherless chestnuts (Castanea sativa) are a type of chestnut that is native to the eastern United States. These chestnuts have a very different flavor compared to other types of chestnuts, and they are not as popular among professional gardeners. Witherless chestnuts are smaller than regular chestnuts, and they have a sweeter flavor. They are also less sweet, so they work well in recipes that call for regular or honey-roasted chestnuts.

What are Witherless Chestnuts?

Witherless chestnuts are a type of wild sweet chestnut that is found in the United States and Canada. These chestnuts have a reddish-brown shell and a sweet, nutty flavor. They are usually sold fresh or frozen, and can be used in baking, desserts, or savory dishes.

Witherless chestnuts are particularly prized by professional gardeners because they are hard to find and difficult to grow. This is because they require cold winters to fruit, and their nuts often fall off the tree before they can be harvested. Because of their rarity and high demand, witherless chestnuts typically cost more than other types of sweet chestnuts.

How to propagate Witherless Chestnuts

Witherless chestnuts are a type of fruit tree that grows in the eastern United States. The trees produce small, round chestnuts that can be eaten fresh or roasted. Witherless chestnuts are not commercially cultivated in the United States, but they are commonly found in botanical gardens and in private gardens.

To propagate witherless chestnuts, you will need a rooted cuttings from a mature tree. Make a clean cut about 1 inch below a leaf node on the stem of the tree. Make sure to remove any dirt and debris that is attached to the cutting. Dip the end of the cutting into rooting hormone (available at garden stores) and insert it into a moist potting soil mix. Keep the planting medium moist until roots form. Once roots have developed, transfer the plant to a larger container and water regularly.

The Professional Gardeners Guild and the Witherless Chestnut Project

The Professional Gardeners Guild (PGG) is an international organization of gardeners and landscapers. The Witherless Chestnut Project is their conservation program for the preservation of the witherless chestnut, a unique tree found only in the eastern United States.

The PGG was founded in 1936 as an organization to promote excellence in gardening and landscape design. They have since established programs to protect plants and animals threatened with extinction, including the witherless chestnut.

The Witherless Chestnut Project was started in 1989 by Denise Balkissoon, then-director of the PGG’s New York chapter. Ms. Balkissoon was determined to save this endangered tree from extinction and contacted members of her chapter about working on a conservation project. It took four years of planning and coordination before they had enough volunteers to begin work.

Today, the PGG continues to coordinate efforts among chapters across the country to conserve the witherless chestnut. Through their project, they have been able to establish breeding programs for this endangered tree and improve its population numbers.


Welcome to Episode 1 of the Weathered Chestnuts podcast! This week, we're talking about Professional Gardeners Guild and the importance of educating ourselves on the latest gardening trends. We're also featuring wearers of weathered chestnuts in this week's segment! If you have a garden related story or photo that you'd like to share, please send it our way! Thank you for listening and be sure to subscribe on iTunes so that you don't miss an episode!

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